About harukaze Aikido kai

Dear Visitor,

Hello, this is harukaze Aikido kai web site.

harukaze Aikido kai” started April 17 2011.

We practice 2 days a week* at Chofu-city, Tokyo
* on Saturday from 15:45 to 16:45

We always welcome to you joining our practice.
Tour of inspection is any time fine :->

Please contact us at info@harukaze.sunnyday.jp

Please feel our daily activities on these articles

with Tanja, our special friend

harukaze’s opening ceremony

and we play seriously, too 🙂
On our barbeque party held at a public park of Tama area.

Thanks to Shunsei-ji ( Soto-temple ), we had a Zazen in 22 May 2011.


Thanks to Shunsei-ji ( Soto-temple ), we had a Zazen in 21 Nov 2011.



Frequently Asked Question

Q1. I haven’t practiced Aikido. Is that OK ?

No, problem. Aikido is flexible Budo. Both young and old can practice it. So if you could be not really sure about stamina, we recommend basic exercises ( 受け身:UKEMI, absorbing work).

Q2. I don’t have a Budo wear – Dogi (道着).

There is no need to prepare a Budo wear at first. Tatami floor(畳: straw-mat) could scratch your knee or elbow, so you might need to wearing long-sleeved T-shirt and long pants ( protect knee & elbow).

Q3. I want a Budo wear.

You can order a Budo wear at this dojo.

Q4. I want a hakama skirt (袴).

If you had a black belt, you can wear hakama skirt.
Usually, you need some years practices to attain a black belt.